6 homemade remedies for Vaginal cysts

* Aloe Vera :

Aloe Vera provides instant relief from the cyst. It reduces the inflammation and irritation within minutes. Add nothing to it. Apply the natural aloe vera gel directly on the cyst. Make sure you have washed your hands or you can use a cotton ball instead.

* Aspirin :

Suprised? Well, Aspirin works on inflammation and pain given by cysts. Crush a couple of Aspirin tablets and mix the powder with water to make a paste. Apply the paste on cysts and let it stay for few to several minutes. Repeat this twice in a day.

* Yogurt :

Yogurt does contain a good bacteria called lactobacillus bacteria which helps to restore the normal vaginal pH level. Applying yogurt directly with cotton will help the lady part and its premises to recover from the attack of infection and harmful bacteria.