6 exercises a man should do for better $ex life

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, less lasting in bed and add several more to the $exual problems list of men. If you are among those who are facing any of those issues, these 6 exercises could help you.

1) Kegel Exercises :

Generally, there is myth floating around that Kegel exercises only help women but not men. As said , it’s just a myth. Kegel Exercises strengthen pubucoccyges, the muscles that stop the urine flow on penis. These exercises treat a common problem like erectile dysfunction. Go though Kegel tutorials and better consult a doctor before you perform these exercises.

2) Push Ups :

Why do we do push ups? Don’t they meant for strengthening the upper part of our party, shoulders and chest in special ? This exercise improves the endurance all over in the body. This power helps men during lovemaking. It helps him to stand long and last long in the intercourse.

3) Lying and lifting the leg :

Just simply lie on the floor and keep lifting the legs one after other. Keep changing the leg in every 30 seconds. This exercise relaxes the muscles in your thighs, which have to be strong when making love. This exercise makes your legs more flexible.

4) Squats :

This is amazing exercise to be honest. Squats can improve the levels of testosterone, the prime s*x hormone in male. Squats improve the blood flow in pelvic region making a penis stand long. They also make orgasms fall better.

5) Fast walking :

Few to several researches have already proved that fast walking improves erection in men. There were over 30 thousand people participated in a research who took fast walking as their daily routine exercise and it was observed that they solved their erectile dysfunction by 30%. Moreover, it burns fat which automatically makes a man more active in lovemaking.

6) Sleep :

Well, this is not really an exercise but you have to count in exercises if your are facing any se*ual problems. Irregular sleep, improper sleep and incomplete sleep can actually decrease the testosterone count. This hormone is the reason why a man is man, who has a boner and releases sperm after ejaculation. A good sleep can boost up the se*ual health.