6 Anger management techniques to save your from disgrace

Just like Dexter Morgan in the famous “Dexter” TV series, we do have two personalities living inside. One is calm, normal, friendly and mature. It has got enough knowledge and also wisdom. It judges things very slowly but effectively. None has problem with that. And there is another personality which is anger. It can deceive us. It can make us speak what we don’t prefer to speak to anyone. It can make us an abuser, short tempered and may be an ill tempered personality. As you know words can’t be taken back. So, we must control or anger for the survival of our image, goodwill and socialness. Here are few important anger management techniques for you.

* Don’t react just respond. When it comes to an argument, just don’t react to the situations. Respond to them in calmness.

* Count 20-30 before you throw a word. Hopefully, those 30 seconds would help you to crack a way other than expressing anger.

* Laughing therapy is one of the most famous ways to control and trash the anger. When you about to go furious, try to laugh instead.

* Delay your decisions. An angry brain never works on logic. It can only work on emotions. Brain doesn’t want your emotions. Don’t get carried away with the moments. Take time in decision making.

* Talk with the other persons about alternatives. Tell them anger is not the only possible solution. Situations can be handled in a better way when you go with alternatives.

* Take deep breathes before you talk in anger. Concentrate on your inner personality. Talk to your self. Ask yourself if it is or no the right way.