5 ways to prevent pregnancy other than using condom

Why do human begins or any creature on this Earth enjoy $ex? Isn’t it because of the skin to skin touch between male and a female? Condom ruins this feel. But it has to be used for safety measures and pregnancy prevention. But there are other methods if partners are healthy in every means and don’t want pregnancy to happen. 5 among them follows :

* Withdrawal method :

It is as simple as it sounds. The male should be alert and spontaneous to eject his penis from the lady part after he feels the sense of ejaculation. In other words, withdrawal of male part from the female’s. Since a male cannot restart the penetration immediately, the session can be continued after a little to long pause.

* Contraceptive pills :

Probably the safest non-condom method. Taking contraceptive pills in for birth control could be a good option once or twice. It shouldn’t be regular considering the side effects these pills carry.