5 ways to make her happy     2018-02-27   01:56:57  IST  Raghu V

5 ways to make her happy

Glad that women are blessed with breasts where even a gentle touch can create sensations for her. Had breasts don’t have such receptors, it would have been very tough for men to satisfy her only through vaginal penetration or stimulation. Breasts indeed, a $ organ which play an important role in $ drive of women. A well know fact, women can get orgasms without the help of vagina and with the help of breasts alone. However, both orgasms are different from each other. So, a woman can stimulate her breasts in order to reach orgasm. Evidently, they reach orgasm much quicker if a man is stimulating them. Yeah, that is what researches say. This is called as breast stimulation or nipple stimulation.

As you have read the importance of breasts in & life, men should be able to use them well in building excitement for her. Breasts should be an integral part of foreplay strategy. They release oxytocin and prolactin, if they are stimulated. Need to say how these hormones help in $ life ? So, read the 5 ways you can make her breasts happy.

1) Stimulation with hand

Women love men hands on their breasts. They want their man to handle them with care, love and also with lust. Stimulation with hand is one of the most ancient techniques in foreplay. Rough or gentle, hand stimulation gives her immense pleasure if she gets it at the right time and by the right man. Not just in foreplay, a man’s hand can hold her breasts even while vaginal penetration is on. It depends upon the $ position the partners are in. Cow girl, reverse missionary, riding on the top are few of the examples of $ positions which facilitate breast stimulation during the vaginal penetration. The combination of vaginal penetration and breasts stimulation shows her heaven on Earth. So, don’t hesitate if she loves you and you love her. She wants your hands on her breasts in all feasible times and ways. Indeed, this stimulation gives her non vaginal orgasm and she can have such orgasms for multiple number of times.