5 things to remember with a new born baby  

If you want to visit the most happiest home in the world, do visit any house in any corner of the planet in which a new born has just arrived. A happy mother who is wearing a smile ignoring all the pain she has suffered over months, a father is already feeling proud of his child, relatives offering their wishes and a world comes into existence in a single house where a baby who cannot walk or talk becomes the center of attraction. But do remember, your baby draws everyone’s attention and yes we mean everyone’s attention. In such circumstances, the new born is at risk of receiving bacteria, fungal things from all the people who doesn’t care cleaning up themselves before holding the little one. Not just that, there are few to several risks which are ready to knock the door. So, parents should do care of their at that point of time with complete attention being paid to the newborn. Today, we are making you aware of 5 basic things which shouldn’t be done with a new born baby. Look at them.