5 skin creams that treat dark circles

* Forest Under Eye Dark Circle Removal Creams :

This cream has a composition of papaya and potato starch. This composition hydrates the skin cells. It’s way too costly but very much effective. The 15 g pack costs Rs.2200. Need not overthink about the cost of you want to get rid of black circles. This cream doesn’t contain any parabens and that makes it a very healthy cream for your dark circles. It smoothens the skin and also gives it a bright tone.

* Tvam Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream :

As the name suggests, the composition has olive oil, almond oil, aloe Vera and also nutmeg oil. It treats puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes. It’s very much economical when compared to the earlier one. 50g pack costs Rs.620. But remember, results come at a slow rate u like the earlier one. Cost effective but not as effective as the Forest Under Eye Dark Circle Removal Cream is.

* L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream :

A perfect under eye cream. It’s economical and also effective. Users claim quick time results. The company assures skin whitening without fail under your eyes. It just costs Rs.630 for a 15ml pack. Remember there is a side effect, a little tingling sensation may be sensed on your skin cells.

* Juicy Chemistry Coffee and Green Tea Eye Cream :

You might already know this fact that coffee beans can help you treat dark circles. Yes, applying coffee powder under the eyes will serve. This product is made up with coffee, green tea extracts combined with almond oil. The company calls it a natural product without any chemicals and parabens. 10g pack costs Rs.450 only.

* Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream :

You may wonder how does green tea actually treat black circles? It’s with the strength of antioxidants. Green tea moisturises the skin and gives a lighter note. Innisfree seed eye cream is yet another natural product without the usage of chemicals. 30 ml pack costs Rs.1750.