5 reasons why women should sleep more than men

On an average every adult needs 7-8 hours sleep irrespective of gender. That a normal say. But many researches have proved that women need to sleep a little more than men, 20-25 minutes if we talk numbers. But why?

Why women need to sleep more than men? Is it a blind say or it has any logical reasoning behind that? Actually, it makes sense. Wonder why? Check out the reasons.

* Women’s brain is much complex than what men have. More regions are used simultaneously to pull of typical and daily routine women works. So, the brain needs more rest.

* Women brain stays active for more amount of time when compared with men’s brain. The more active it stays, the more rest it needs.

* It is said that men find multitasking very difficult and they can’t do that effectively. Other side, women do that more effectively applying more pressure on the brain. The female brain reportedly works five times faster than a man’s.

* It’s not just about physical, human brain gets tired more because of emotions and mental stress. Women are tend to experience more mental pressure.

* On an average, a woman’s heart weighs two third’s of a man. This is the reason an adult make’s heart records 70-72 beats per minute and in woman’s case it’s 78-82. So, there runs a bigger activity in the sympathetic nervous system.