5 common Myths around STD’s ($exually Transmitted Diseases)

* Myth – You can identify if or not partner has STD :

Reality – Not really. Even a certified doctor cannot identify if or not someone has a STD just by having a glance. A proper checkup and blood test is required in most number of cases. Not often a STD carries noticeable symptoms. However, an infection can be identified looking at the changes on outer skin. Remember, only a proper test can give you a clear about your partner’s health status. It’s the same in your case. It’s suggested to get a STD test before marriage.

* Myth – Only penetration can cause STD:

Reality – NO … Penetration can cause STD if one among two has a STD but not penetration alone. There are many who believe that you can do anything with a partner having STD but not penetration.

* Myth – Using a same toilet can cause STD:

Reality – No, most of the times. Even if a person has STD and you have used his/her toilet, there is no certainty in getting a STD. Those orgasms don’t survive for a long time outside human body. So, there are very slim chances in this case.

* Myth : Kissing don’t cause STD:

Reality – It does. You are always subjected to the exchange of fluids or saliva during kissing. It’s inevitable. Doesn’t a body fluid like saliva or spit carry the infection? You can catch herpes just with kissing.

* Myth : Anal or oral doesn’t give STD :

Reality – How oral $ex or anal is different

from vaginal $ex? Even skin to skin touch (If one has STD infection spread over outer skin) can cause STD. In oral $ex, oral fluids come out and anal $ex is quite similar to vaginal. So, in any case, if one partner has a STD, it will pass on to the other one.