4 tablets for 100% acne treatment

Nodular or cystic acne bothers you? Visit a dermatologist very soon and ask him/her whether you can take isotretinoin capsules are not. These are top 4 Isotretinoin composition tablets which treat severe acne for sure.

1) Sotret 10/20/30/40 mg :

Sotret comes from Ranbaxy and is available in the dosage of 10-40 milligrammes. It treats severe Recalcitrant acne or nodular acne. It is one of those retinoids which decrease sebum production. It may show the real effect with the passage of time. It could be 14 days or even a month.

– Side effects (only possibility in some cases)

* Chest pain, diarrhea, yellow eyes, dry lips, headache etc.

Who should not take :

* People allergic to Vitamin A and pregnant women.

* People who have work in hot climate.