20 things men should do when she is on periods

You know what are periods. You know what your girlfriend or wife is going through her periods. So, will you an ordinary partner sitting idle and numb when she is going through lot of pain mentally and physically ? Or will you be an ideal partner knowing what she is up to and finding ways to help her ? Well, the second option sounds better right ? So, if you are a caring and loving boyfriend, do these 20 things when she is on periods.

1) Don’t smoke. It’s not good for health since it can give her unhealthy breath and lead to premature ovarian cancer. She should have a fresh air to breath.

2) Motivate her to exercise in the periods. Especially from the 2nd or 3rd day of the periods. How to motivate ? Join with her, exercise together. This will help her to feel lively and energetic. She can exercise better without boredom.

3) If she is a coffee addict, take care of her. Too much caffeine during periods is very bad. Regulate her coffee intake, you can even order her to stay out of coffee. Better don’t drink coffee in front of her and help to distract herself away from caffeine.