15 tips to grow beard faster

Having a beard is new cool these days. From film stars to cricketers, almost everyone has shifted from clean shave to big beards. Talk about Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, NTR or Ram Charan, everyone has a beard now. Girls of this generation love to see guys in beards. They say, men with beard look sexy. Now, what more encouragement men need to grow beards. Every man wants to follow the new trend but not everyone can grow big beards or a fast growing one. Big, small and shape depends upon genes. So, here we are providing you with 15 useful tips to grow beard as fast as it can.

1) Have facial massages quite regularly. Massage improves the blood circulation in facial nerves. An improved blood circulation system will definitely help the beard to grow faster than usual. There are many spas in metropolitan cities offering facial message. Find the economical spa and have a try.