15 things to remember before your propose your love

What is the hardest and clueless time in a boy / man’s life ? Arguably it is that time when he thinks of expressing his love for that one girl who sounds and looks like a soulmate. Men feel nervous, worried, tensed and weird during that specific time. Heart beat fastens in uncertainty. Thousands of thoughts, million reasons to stay worried and billion dreams, all at once. He dreams a dream life with his dream girl. What if she rejects ? What if she starts behaving rude with me ? Will my proposal ruin everything in between us? All these questions eat up the brain. So, here we are presenting 15 most useful things a man should remember before his plans of proposing his lady love.

* Take the right time. A right time in the sense, when you are close enough to propose her, when you are sure that she won’t go harsh in her reply even in no acceptance.

* Plan you proposal. Don’t make any hurried and improper proposal. Before you do, you got to plan what to speak, how much to speak, where to speak and where to end.