15 signs of Anemia you should know

Anemia is just another unhealthy condition. It is common because 14 in every 100 is expected to suffer with anemia and 2 among those 14 leave their final breath during the fight with anemia. In India, at least 10 million people go to hospitals with anemia every year. Yes, literally 1cr people suffer with iron deficiency. Now isn’t this common ?

When we compare men with women, the latter gender is prone to anemia more for various reasons. Pregnancy, heavy menstrual bleeding, and uterine fibroids are behind this biased attack. Anemia comes because of the decreased count of Red Blood Cells in your blood. Anemia is also called as lack of blood. Here we are making you aware of 15 common signs of Anemia. So, read them properly and start your treatment before Anemia eats up your life.