15 beauty benefits of mint leaves

* People who suffer with acne and our skin can use mint water as toner. Boil some leaves and apply the water on face.

* Mint can lighten up your skin. Be it with adding a light tone to your skin or removing dark circles.

* Mint oil mostly prevents breakouts. It stops the pimple from growing big. If you got one pimple, apply mint immediately.

* Mint even works on wrinkles. Make a face pack adding curd, honey and egg white to mint oil.

* Adding lemon extract and mint extract and applying it on skin will give a complete fresh look to your skin. It lightens the skin tone.

* Drink mint juice everyday in the morning. It removes the toxins from inside and keeps your skin healthy.

* Crush mint leaves and add organic honey to that. Apply it regularly. You will soon see your pores getting tighten. People who has the acne pores problem will definitely look much more beautiful with the help of mint.