12 fruits to be eaten by people with belly fat

What a fat belly needs ? Of course very less calories but good amount of nutrients and minerals ? Summary this is. So, here are 12 fruits and vegetables that carry very less amount of calories but at the same time, they provide very high proportion of nutrients and minerals.

* An average tomato has only 22 calories. Eat them for lycopene.

* A medium sized lemon hardly has 20 calories. In addition, it comes with vitamin C.

* You can only obtain 22 calories from a cup of cabbage. You can take loads of cabbage.

* 100 gm of Apple has only 52 calories. Eating it everyday only gives you nutrients and minerals.

* A 100 gm of celery has barely 16 calories. One can consider it has a zero calorie food.

* In a cup of Kale, one can extract 50 calories. This isn’t too much for a food which is bank of many minerals.