12 foods a woman should never eat during pregnancy

A pregnant woman is not a single person. She is carrying a life. She should take that extra care in diet and eating habits as she is feeding the baby inside and will stand responsible for whatever the baby is getting for the survival. So, here are top 12 foods that should be avoided.

* Coffee should not be a choice for pregnant women. Caffeine is too much for the little one and it could fail his/her heart.

* Sea food with Mercury levels is highly dangerous. It can damage the brain function in child.

* Raw eggs should not be eaten as they contain salmonella. Not a good element for the baby.

* Uncooked meat or raw meat must and should be avoided since they carry loads of bacteria.

* Nuts are good for healthy but certain kind of nuts are not meant to be taken during pregnancy. For example, peanuts, pecans, cashews etc.

* Salads are no harm if your are making them at home. Better avoid salads made outside. They are not as nutritional as we expect.

* Canned foods containing BPA that effects fetal endocrine activity. So, stored foods should not be served to a woman carrying a baby in her.

* Sugar foods need to kept away, no matter how much a mother loves. Pregnancy is not a time for increase in blood sugar levels.

* Sodas and anything that contains artificial sweeteners and artificial sugars have to thrown away without mercy. However, sodas are not good even for a normal person.

* Fatty foods should not be included in the diet during pregnancy. Or at least, they need to controlled. Too much fatty foods trigger bad cholesterol.

* Pregnant women should maintain distance from fries and anything which is high on oil. Pregnant normally gains weight and why she need to add more kilos and fat ?

* Last but not the least. Never ever imagine taking Alcohol or Cigarette in pregnancy.