100% working – how to get your neighbor’s WiFi password

You are on an urgent work and all of sudden your network has failed. How hard that moment would be to pause a work at that intensity? What if you are bound to deliver the output within the specified time and you are running out of time? How about using your neighbor’s WiFi? You cannot to that all the time since it’s embarrassing to ask everytime you face difficulty with the internet connection. So, how about using their WiFi connection without their permission? Well, that’s not legit but if you are desperate in a moment, you can use this trick.

* You can disconnect your internet connection on your PC. Now go to start menu and type “cmd” in your Start Menu.

* Make sure you are running the command as admin which provides you much flexible rights.

* You can see C:/Users/your user name> on a black window. Type “netsh wlan show profiles” without inverted commas and space between every word.

* Now you will get to see all the WiFi connections around your premises and reach.

* Now you have to run the profile of a specific WiFi connection which you have used earlier atleast for one time. Remember, at least for one time. For example, the username of your neighbor’s WiFi profile is “My WiFi”.

* See another C:/Users/your user name and type “netsh wlan show profile My WiFi key=clear” right after your username.

* That’s done. Now you will see each and every detail of your neighbor’s WiFi including password on your computer screen. You can use the WiFi connection using the details.