10 Tollywood Celebs family and their kids  

What is a blog article without some of the gossip going around? Tollywood stars even though quite busy with their everyday life, they do get to enjoy some time with their families. Some of the actors and actresses in the Telugu movie industry even have their kids involved in acting, while making their families a big factory of producing movie stars. Well some of us are born really lucky to have stars in our family, so let’s take a look at the most famous family in Tollywood seen wandering around with their kids. Get ready to die from the cuteness of these future star kids:

#1. Vijay and Sangeetha

The duo has two beautiful children, Sanjay and DivyaSaasha. Sanjay was often seen with his father while also cooperating on one of his song, where he seems to have shaken a leg, and the intimidating act of dancing. Maybe he is a little star that will follow his father’s steps. Little do we know about the cute little Divya, the daughter of Vijay? She was not presented to the public that much, leaving her a mystery for us. Maybe she will be the biggest star of the family, who knows?