10 things to do, if you want your girlfriend to stay forever

There is probably no way to understand a girl. Men, for thousands of years, have been making failed attempts to crack a girl’s mind. But all those efforts are meant to be gone in vain. Got to agree that a boyfriend cannot really read what is going on in his girl’s mind he can still try to impress her in many ways. He can still make her happy in numerous ways. Remember, it’s highly impossible to understand her when she is unhappy. So, the only way to tackle her mood swings is keeping her in all happy mood. If you don’t want to lose the relationship with her…just don’t forget the following things.

#1) Respect her family :

She wants you to be a part of her world and her family. A relationship just doesn’t mean a woman is coming into a family, it also makes a man a member of woman’s family. So, it is more than a responsibility to treat her family as your own. If you pay respect and concern to her family, it makes you a complete family man in her eyes. This builds up your relationship with her even more stronger. In fact, it cements a permanent place for you not just in her heart, but also in you in law’s hearts.