10 superfoods that strengthen your bones better than milk

1)Kale :

Do you know? 2 cups of kale contain 188 mg of calcium. The DV percentage is around 19. Besides, it is loaded with antioxidants.

2) Oranges :

The surprise in the list. On an average, an orange has 65mg of calcium. It’s around 6% of DV. In addition, you will reap the benefits of vitamin C.

3) Sesame Seeds :

Probably the most economical and most efficient source of calcium. Even a table spoon of sesame seeds do have 88 mg of calcium. DV is 9%.

4) Soymilk :

More protein and more calcium. A cup of Soymilk contains 300 mg of calcium. It’s 30% of DV.

5) White beans :

1 cup of legumes (white beans) have 191 mg of calcium. The DV is 19%. You have have them in snacks.

6) Dried Figs :

8 dried figs give you 10% of daily calcium requirement. They contain 107 mg of calcium. Prefer eating them after lunch.

7) Almonds :

You favorite Almonds are also a great source of calcium. About 20 nuts give you 7% of daily calcium requirement. Mathematically, it’s 72 mg.

8) Oatmeal :

The healthy oatmeal of 1 cup has 187 milligrammes of calcium. That is 19% of DV. Eat oatmeal in your breakfast without any added sugar.

9) Seaweed :

A cup of raw seaweed gives you 126 mg of calcium. It’s 13% of daily calcium requirement. In addition, it provides fiber and also iodine.

10) Bok Choy :

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, you better try Bok Choy. A cup of this Chinese cabbage has 74 mg of calcium. 7% of daily requirement.