10 smart gadgets available in India

Smart gadgets do change our lives and make things easier to do for us, be it secures our houses, and lose weight or just reducing your stress levels. Smartwatches and smartphones apparently rule the smart gadgets market in India, and we do give so little credit to other inventions, so it is about time we give them a shot and see how smart are these gadgets after all. There are a number of the coolest smartest gadgets available in the Indian market so go ahead and take a look, and maybe you will find something that fits your needs:

#1. KwiksetKevo Smart Lock:

This smart lock might be the smartest lock to rule them all. Based on its appearance it looks perfectly safe, just like an ordinary lock.Because after all, we don’t want our lock to look suspicious. You can also add, delete and disable e-keys. You don’t need to stay at your door for one hour searching for your keys anymore; you can simply open this door knob by touching it. You can even send e-keys to your friends and family if you’re out of town or simply have too many jobs to complete. The KwiksetKevo works via Bluetooth Smart through your smartphone. You can get it for around Rs 13,817.