10 interesting facts about penis that men rarely know

* Although there is no perfect scientific evidence, few to several researches have comes up with a weird statement that penis could shrink, or reduced in size because of smoking. Talking maths, it could be 1cm to 2cm.

* On an average, a male orgasm lasts for 6-7 seconds. That’s it. That’s too rude from God because a female orgasm can last up to 25 seconds. As you already know, female can experience multiple orgasms at a go but men can never.

* Get ready for this. By using the foreskin of penis, doctors can grow 23,000 square meters of skin. That’s unbelievable.

* Do you know who is the owner of most luckiest penis or most hard-working penis? It’s King Fatefahi of Tonga who penetrated 37,800 women in his life.