10 foods not be taken by people with fat belly

Know which is the widest body problem in the world ? It’s a bloating stomach or a fat belly. In other words, unfitness. There are only two reasons for fat belly. One is improper diet and the other is no exercise. First of all, you should be eating no fats and less calories. Burning them is second thing. So, here are top 10 foods you must avoid with a fat belly.

* Dairy products are biggest culprits. They cause lactose intolerance which makes the stomach to bloat. Lot of belly fat is stored in this way.

* Sodas and cool drinks offer nothing but empty calories and high sugars. They don’t carry any nutrient with them.

* Cereals are very much healthy. The only thing you should do is, control the intake. People who over eat, especially with bloating stomach has to limit the intake.