10 Crazy Ramp walk mishaps in Bollywood

What would you do if you tripped over something in front of a big crowd of people? How well would you manage the situation if you were a big star of the movie industry? Well, we are used to seeing models going over their dress, or their stuck heels making quite a mess while going for an appearance on the catwalk, but for some of these unlucky actresses appearing on the ramp maybe for the first time and tripping over something is quite the incident to talk about. Maybe for you laughing at yourself while you almost fell down to the ground yesterday is perfectly normal, but what about a bunch of cameras that got that perfectly captured moment to keep the gossip industry full for a day? We will take a look at how these Bollywood stars took control of the situation and who had the craziest ramp walk mishaps of all times:

#1. SonakshiSinha

One of the stars of Bollywood got totally embarrassed at a Fashion Show while walking on the ramp. Even though she handled the situation pretty good by getting up fast enough with a big smile on her face. She, later on, said “it isn’t about how fast you fall, but how fast you get up”. She was supported by her prince Akshay Kumar that turned the tables around, by faking his fall too. Sonakshi we get you don’t have to walk down the catwalks very often, but try doing some rehearsing a little bit before hitting the stage.