10 best Bollywood celebrities that passed away  

The death of a dear one leaves a hole in our heart, but the death of a celebrity we used to see while growing up, is quite a shock too. These famous Indian celebrities made a tremendous impact on the movie industry, and we should take a moment to honor and appreciate them for making our childhood more valuable. Some had a heart attack, or some found hanging themselves, whatever the reason their name will not be forgotten as it is written and marked in the movie industry. It’s very unfortunate that life had to take these celebrities away, so let’s take a moment to see who will be missed:

#1. Om PrakashPuri

The famous Indian actor that passed away just recently this year, on January 2017. He worked mostly on commercial Indian movies, but also on independent and art films. He was known for his contribution in movies like Aakrosh (1980), Arohan (1982), Sadgati (1981), and Tamas (1987). Om Puri was also awarded the fourth highest civilian award in 1990 (Padma Shri). He is known to have died from a fatal heart attack in his home, while the other day he was just seen in perfect health. There were many questions asked about what happened to him and what went wrong.